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The Book

Retired Air Force pilot Mike Banzet has delivered a knockout book that tells the inside story of American exceptionalism in Iraq. He takes us on a roller coaster ride of emotions describing the opportunities this country provides, not only to its citizens, but to the citizens of the world.

Starting with his own career, he describes his impressive movement through the ranks, passing through many hurdles and accumulating many awards for excellence along the way. He then continues through his deployment; a year in and around Baghdad, Iraq working with the Iraqis to build the Iraqi Air Force.

Banzet delivers a touching and inspiring look at American exceptionalism seen through the lens of the USAFs efforts to build a credible, accountable partner in the deserts of the Middle East. Gut wrenching stories and laugh out loud anecdotes are used to describe larger truths about this country: its courageous military and how many others view us: especially the Iraqis he dealt with every day.

He describes the desperate courage of the young Iraqis, bravely following the Americans lead: risking their lives every day. With a perceptive eye and a rare wit, he compares two cultures, both aiming to rebuild and grow the next generation of young Iraqi men and women that could determine the fate of the Middle East for the next 50 years.

His obvious love for this country and her military shines through on every page.

You won’t forget this book.

A Flowershop in Baghdad.


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