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Larry Bond, best selling author says;

"Mike Banzet's story is insightful, funny, personal, at times deeply moving, and always thoughtful. His work with the Iraqis gave him a valuable perspective on the Iraq war and why we fought it, or more properly, who we fought it for. He's knowledgeable, opinionated, and has a lot to share. You may not agree with everything he says, but he was the guy doing it, and it's a worthwhile story."

Kirkus Reviews says;
"Occasional salvos of fierce political op-ed—pro-Bush, anti-“liberal”—pepper this robust, often humorous and thoughtful military-insider account of Air Force life and the U.S. occupation of Iraq...America’s armed forces—even the grunts; especially the grunts—feature some of the best souls the country has to offer, Banzet declares. He shores up that assertion with vivid
descriptions of the work done by American (and British) troops repairing Iraq...Banzet’s wit is a WMD itself...he uses solid storytelling and eyewitness examples to maintain that the U.S. presence in Iraq was beneficial to and appreciated by the Baghdad locals he came to know.."

Chris D. says;

I'm an avid reader of "war" books. I've read hundreds of first hand accounts, embedded journalists experiences, and the like. Banzet's story is one that makes you feel as if you're being let in on a special secret; a "little known" side of the more public story. I love being an "insider." I love knowing more about the real scoop then the general mainstream. I feel privileged to see what our heroes really do day to day in rebuilding a country. I'm overwhelmed by the bravery shown and risk endured by the Iraqis. And I'm proud and moved by the grattitude toward our servicemen and servicewomen expressed by the people of a country who suffered under a brutal dictator. If you're not yet proud of our great nation then read this book and you'll be reminded of why you should be.

Cookie says;

Absolute must read! Couldn't put this book down and read it from cover to cover. Outstanding job of telling the real story about the coalition efforts in Iraq. Mr. Banzet's writing is from the heart and he gives us insight to the real Iraq, not Saadam's Iraq or the negative press reports. He describes the Iraqi's experiences from the risks they took to stand up the Iraqi Air Force post Saadam Hussein to how they saw their own country and their new ally, the United States. Well worth your time to read!

Quinn says;

Exquisite! This is possibly the best book from the "front lines" that I have ever read! Mike tells a phenomenal true story that the multi-billion dollar main stream media has completely missed due to their pursuit of ratings.

A Flower Shop in Baghdad should be mandatory reading for all future and current military leaders. The leadership lessons in real world application are impressive.

Quite the emotional roller coaster. You will most certainly laugh quite a bit as you read through Mike's jovial tales. Equally as well written is when he tells the tales that will move you to cry.

You, unlike the folks who haven't read it, will become fully enlightened as to why and what effects we had during the rebuilding of a great future ally in Iraq. If at the end of reading this book you don't "get it" then do us all a favor and stay home next election season.

CBurnham says;

I am more proud of our military and what they stand for after reading this book. I have alwys felt blessed to live in America but I did not always see us as an exceptional nation until I read this real life story which has opened my eyes that we truly are. I laughed, I cried and truly feel I have a much better understanding of our efforts and struggles that have and continue to occur with these two very different cultures trying to build a future. The author has done a fantastic job giving the readers a picture of what both the Iraqis and Coalition forces were up against...I would hope all patriotic Americans would have a chance to read the book and realize what a great group of men and women we have serving our country and what an exceptional nation we live in.